One Slice of Black Rock City

Event & Camp FAQ

FAQ for first-timers (“virgins”) who may want to join us in 2020 or some later year. If this is you, please read this in its entirety!

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Travel/Arrival/Exodus Plan

This is an approximate plan for the BC-origin convoy in 2020, based on what’s worked from prior years.

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DJ Kraig’s Sunset Set

Our very own DJ Kraig made a special return to the dusty decks at Camp Chop Shop while the sun sank below the horizon on Thursday evening. Check it out on SoundCloud!

Food FAQ

Because you can’t live on dusty hot dogs alone. (Or can you?) [Updated September 6th, 2019]

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Main Sale Ticket Guide

This guide is in all likelihood not accurate for 2020, as 2019’s sale broke many expectations and was a big disaster all around. It’s hard to say what this year will hold, but hopefully it will somewhat resemble something more 2018ish again, which this guide is based on.

[Updated February 2nd, 2020]

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What to Wear (and What NOT to Wear) at Burning Man

Personal expression is one of the ten Burning Man principles, so allow yourself freedom in what you wear (ensuring your basic needs for warmth and protection from the elements are met).

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Beauty & The Burn: A Ginger’s Perspective

Wondering how to look moderately attractive while doing extreme-camping? I offer this post to help you navigate between what is necessary from the superfluous. Warning: HOT BEAUTY TIPZ AHEAD.

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10 reasons why I NEVER wanted to go to Burning Man (and where I was wrong)

Back in ’07, my friend Charlie shared her bucket list with me, the first item being Burning Man. I had never heard of anything like it before. While it suited her, I started my own bucket list of things that I would never do. The Burn was the only item on the list.

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Camp Gear List

The detailed version is in our Google Docs, but so you know roughly what goes into making the camp possible…

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Personal Gear List & FAQ

A lot of people go their first year and realize how unprepared and/or focused on the wrong things they were. I won’t let this to happen to you.

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Bike FAQ

FAQ on what bike to bring and how to prepare it.

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Tickets FAQ

FAQ on how and when to get tickets. [Updated February 18th, 2020]

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Dustmight Year 1

Our inaugural year!

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The Shittiest Gift

For our own small contribution as a camp to BRC in 2018 we resolved to adopt some porta-potties. It’s dirty work but we all knew the feeling of discovering a special porta.

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The Water Report

TL;DR: Yay, we didn’t run out of water! (…by consuming about 4.4l each per day)

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