A timeline leading up to this year’s Burn. [Updated March 23rd]



  • Dustmight has applied again to camp again in the Alternative Energy Zone Village (submitted for a hopeful camp of 6).


  • 3rd: Main Sale registration opens for 48 hours.
  • 10th: Main Sale, our primary source of tickets, happens at noon.
  • 17th: The Low Income Ticket Program closes to applications.
  • Early logistics planning.


  • Camp and logistics prep.


  • Camp and logistics prep.


  • 31st: OMG Sale, the last (and near-impossible) opportunity to get lottery-based tickets.
  • Camp and logistics prep.
  • All campers should have bike plan and personal gear in good shape.


  • Hopefully all camp members confirmed with tickets in hand!
  • Weekly online camp meetings.
  • Lock down all logistics of vehicles, bikes, tents, shade, water.
  • 18th-19th: Possible early departure of one car with Early Access passes to help set up the AEZ Village and other volunteering.
  • 22nd: Final gear check and packing.
  • 23rd: Convoys depart from BC in morning. Spend night in Oregon.
  • 24th: Finish drive to BRC.
  • 25th: After midnight, arrival and event start!
  • 31st: The Man burns.


  • 1st: Camp teardown, with optional/possible departure depending on vehicles. The Temple burns.
  • 2nd: All remaining depart.
  • 2nd-4th: Arrival back in BC.