This is the blog for Dustmight, our scrappy little Burning Man camp.

In 2016 I was fortunate enough to spend my virgin year with the fine folks who are Camp Funnel Vision. Like many I had the time of my life, and learned enough about how to survive in the desert and run a camp to return in open camping in 2017, and for our formal inaugural year in 2018. 

Contact: Until I set up something a little better, find me here!

As a summary for the initiated: Dustmight is an unplaced, themeless camp heading into our third-ish year. We had 7 of us in 2017, just 4 in 2018, and expect 4–10 in 2019. We have basic infrastructure with a 400ft² shade structure, simple kitchen kit, and all tenting to-date. We have no power, evap, or plans for either. For camp gift we will likely adopt portas again, however if anyone has anything they’d like to do it’s an open field. Historically, we’re thirtysomethings who don’t tend to party particularly hard (but we won’t tell you how to burn, man). Although we have no camp dues, we will require more infrastructure if we exceed 5 campers or so, and I intend on making a camp donation to the AEZ Village where we hope to reside again.