This is the blog for Dustmight, our scrappy little Burning Man camp.

In 2016 I was fortunate enough to spend my virgin year with the fine folks who are Camp Funnel Vision. Like many I had the time of my life, and learned enough about how to survive in the desert to venture out with our small camp the year after.

Contact: Until I set up something a little better, find me here!

As a summary for the initiated: Dustmight is a camp heading into our third official year, not yet a placed theme camp but enjoying a mid-ground as part of the Alternative Energy Zone Village. In 2017 (our “beta” year in open camping) we had 7, then 4 of us in 2018, and recently 10 of us in 2019. We have basic infrastructure with 1200ft² of shade structure, simple kitchen kit, and variable and evolving solar setup. No showers, evap, or plans for either. I’m happy to say we’ve had a variety of ages and experience levels from virgin burners through to 8th-timers. We run a lean ship and so far have only asked for enough dues to cover infrastructure improvements and a group donation to the AEZ. Fill out the form if you’re interested!