One Slice of Black Rock City

Author: Tyler

Food FAQ

Because you can’t live on dusty hot dogs alone. (Or can you?)

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Main Sale Ticket Guide

This is the process for registering for and participating in the Main Sale. (Also will apply to the OMG Sale, and maybe the Pre-Sale too, if you’re a baller like that.)

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Camp Gear List

The detailed version is in our Google Docs, but so you know roughly what goes into making the camp possible…

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Personal Gear List & FAQ

A lot of people go their first year and realize how unprepared and/or focused on the wrong things they were. I won’t let this to happen to you.

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Bike FAQ

FAQ on what bike to bring and how to prepare it.

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Tickets FAQ

FAQ on how and when to get tickets. [Updated March 23rd]

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Event & Camp FAQ

FAQ for first-timers (“virgins”) who may want to join us in 2019 or some later year.

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2019 Timeline

A timeline leading up to this year’s Burn. [Updated March 23rd]

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Dustmight Year 1

Our inaugural year!

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The Shittiest Gift

For our own small contribution as a camp to BRC this year we resolved to adopt some porta-potties. It’s dirty work but we all knew the feeling of discovering a special porta.

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The Water Report

TL;DR: Yay, we didn’t run out of water! (…by consuming about 4.4l each per day)

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