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Food FAQ

Because you can’t live on dusty hot dogs alone. (Or can you?) [Updated September 6th, 2019]

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Main Sale Ticket Guide

This guide is in all likelihood not accurate for 2020, as 2019’s sale broke many expectations and was a big disaster all around. It’s hard to say what this year will hold, but hopefully it will somewhat resemble something more 2018ish again, which this guide is based on.

[Updated February 2nd, 2020]

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Personal Gear List & FAQ

A lot of people go their first year and realize how unprepared and/or focused on the wrong things they were. I won’t let this to happen to you.

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Bike FAQ

FAQ on what bike to bring and how to prepare it.

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Tickets FAQ

FAQ on how and when to get tickets. [Updated February 18th, 2020]

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Event & Camp FAQ

FAQ for first-timers (“virgins”) who may want to join us in 2020 or some later year. If this is you, please read this in its entirety!

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