Our inaugural year!


  • Cyndi (2nd year)
  • Brodie (2nd year)
  • Tyler (3rd year)
  • Frankie (1st year!)

(us, fresh off a visit to Kostume Kult)


This year I applied for us to camp in the Alternative Energy Zone, which turned out to be a wonderful experience. The village is over 450 people in about 70 camps, placed between 5:15 and 5:30 or so, from E to F. We had our own 30′ x 30′ plot on one of the interior lanes.

I heard about the AEZ on the Accuracy Third podcast (S03 E14). Considering there are no fixed dues (donations are welcomed), no criteria other than no generators, and one can just apply online, there was no reason not to give it a try. In exchange we had an immediate community, placement without being a theme camp, a beacon radio tower, a town square with WiFi (!)… From Clay (the village mayor), to Geoff (the sheriff), the fabulous women at the Diddly Squat Cafe, the folks on the solar tour, to really anyone involved in the village, we couldn’t say enough good things about them and the experience. I would do it again!


We left Canada on Friday, stayed in Eugene, Oregon, and drove all Saturday to arrive with the gate opening. Arriving in Gerlach (from the west) at about 11:30pm worked out miraculously — we were unpacking by 1:30am! (And thanks to AEZ, we knew exactly where to find our camp.)

Stayed for the Temple Burn this year for the first time. I thought it would feel sad and over on Sunday night, but there were still things to do and spaces to chill. Exodus on Monday around noon was also smooth, less than two hours to the highway!


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