This is an approximate plan for the BC-origin convoy in 2020, based on what’s worked from prior years.

Thursday, September 27th

In addition to having all of your gear packed and checklists complete, double-check that you:

  • Have your Burning Man ticket and vehicle pass (if applicable), or know exactly who does and when you will get it
  • Have your passport/Nexus accessible
  • Have US travel health insurance activated
  • Have acceptable-cost US phone service arranged (it’s too troublesome to coordinate a convoy without our phones)

Friday, September 28th

  • Main convoy departs BC in the morning, getting on the road by 11am, with all people, bikes, and gear packed.
  • Expect delays at the border and through the Seattle/Tacoma area. Consider applying for a Nexus card if you’re eligible, and we’ll optimize the vehicle passengers according to who has one.
  • Ideally have dinner in Portland at a reasonable hour.
  • Spend the night at a motel in the Eugene/Springfield area. We’ll bring bikes into the room.
  • This day is a minimum 7 hours of driving, not including traffic (could be bad), border wait (could be bad), and planned stops.

Saturday, September 29th

  • Be fuelled-up and back on the road by 11am.
  • Backup drivers should be napping when possible.
  • Reach Klamath Falls by early/mid-afternoon for lunch and last stops at Walmart and possibly a dollar store. Back on the road no later than 5pm.
  • Dinner and last gas is in Cedarville. Ensure license plates are fully visible and well-lit (attach to bikes/rack if necessary). Attach BRC vehicle passes. Don playa-ready clothes and footwear, headlamps, etc. Have snacks and water handy. Depart shortly after 9pm.
  • Drive impeccably on this final approach!
  • Aim to arrive in Gerlach around 11pm and merge with the gate traffic.
  • Ideally hit the gate just before 12am gate opening.
  • Spend 1–? hours in the main gate line. If you need to leave the car for the porta-potties, do so with your ticket. Do not lose the car!
  • Regroup the convoy (which may have been separated by a few cars) at the Greeters station, then make our way into the city!
  • Find our plot, set up tents, and make camp for the night.
  • This day is a minimum 7 hours of driving. It’s unlikely you’ll get to bed before 3am.

Sunday, August 30th

  • Without any shade we won’t be sleeping in! Wake up and build camp shade structure, set up kitchen, arrange tents, arrange vehicles. Once camp is built sometime in the afternoon, venture out and start enjoying ourselves!

Sunday, September 6th*

  • Throughout the day strip camp down to a lean kit and begin packing the vehicles.
  • Check that your vehicle starts.
  • Drop the main shade around 4pm (when the sun is lower).

Monday, September 7th*

  • Finish packing and depart the playa by 10am. Have snacks, water, and camp chairs handy.
  • Spend 1–? hours in the exodus line. We will be “pulsed”, so only having to move the cars every hour or so.
  • Once we hit the highway, drive for less than 2 hours and have lunch at our first opportunity, expected to be the Burner barbecue in Eagleville.
  • Drive as far as we are able, probably to Klamath Falls, and find a motel.
  • Dinner and first showers!
  • This day is estimated at 4 hours of driving, delayed by an unpredictable exodus time.

Tuesday, September 8th*

  • Depart as early as we can (before 8am?) to continue the drive home.
  • Arrive back in Vancouver area sometime in the late evening.
  • This day is estimated at 10 hours of driving, not including traffic and border wait (should be fine if Tuesday, could be worse if it is Labour Day Monday).

* If the main group elects not to stay for Temple Burn (on Sunday night) then all of these dates can be moved earlier by a day.