Oh hi! You've found Dustmight, a scrappy little Burning Man camp.

Established(ish) in 2017, we're not yet a placed theme camp but enjoying a mid-ground as part of the Alternative Energy Zone Village. We've been 7, then 4, then 10 campers, and I'm happy to say we've had a variety of ages and experience levels from virgin burners through to 8th-timers. We have basic infrastructure with 1200ft² of shade and a variable and evolving solar setup. We run a very lean ship and raise just enough to cover infrastructure improvements and a group donation to the AEZ.

If you aren't one of the people who already know me (Ty) and want to get in touch, reach me here. (If this describes you, I want to hear from you!)

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF index_postTitleEssential__2024N" href="/main-sale-ticket-guide">Main Sale Ticket Guide</a>

Ticket guide. Follow these steps!

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF index_postTitleEssential__2024N" href="/tickets-faq">Tickets FAQ</a>

FAQ on how and when to get tickets.

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF " href="/accuracy-third-episode">Accuracy Third Podcast Episode</a>

Back in 2019 Rex and D-Day of the Accuracy Third Podcast had me join them to record an episode!

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF index_postTitleEssential__2024N" href="/event-camp-faq">Event & Camp FAQ</a>

FAQ for first-timers (“virgins”) who may want to join us in the future. If this is you, please read this in its entirety!

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF index_postTitleEssential__2024N" href="/personal-gear-list-faq">Personal Gear List & FAQ</a>

A lot of people go their first year and realize how unprepared and/or focused on the wrong things they were. I won’t let this to happen to you.

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF index_postTitleEssential__2024N" href="/bike-faq">Bike FAQ</a>

FAQ on what bike to bring and how to prepare it.

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF index_postTitleEssential__2024N" href="/food-faq">Food FAQ</a>

Because you can't live on dusty hot dogs alone. (Or can you?)

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF " href="/10-reasons-why-i-never-wanted-to-go-to-burning-man-and-where-i-was-wrong">10 reasons why I NEVER wanted to go to Burning Man (and where I was wrong)</a><span class="index_postByline__2qJIW"> by <!-- -->Cyndi</span>

Back in '07, my friend Charlie shared her bucket list with me, the first item being Burning Man. I had never heard of anything like it before. While it suited her, I started my own bucket list of things that I would never do. The Burn was the only item on the list.

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF " href="/what-to-wear-and-what-not-to-wear-at-burning-man">What to Wear (and What NOT to Wear) at Burning Man</a><span class="index_postByline__2qJIW"> by <!-- -->Cyndi</span>

The desert is your oyster; now is your chance to be as fabulous as you want to be.

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF " href="/beauty-the-burn">Beauty & The Burn: A Ginger's Perspective</a><span class="index_postByline__2qJIW"> by <!-- -->Cyndi</span>

Wondering how to look moderately attractive while doing extreme-camping? I offer this post to help you navigate between what is necessary from the superfluous. Warning: HOT BEAUTY TIPZ AHEAD.

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF " href="/camp-gear-list">Camp Gear List</a>

The detailed version is in our Google Docs, but so you know roughly what goes into making the camp possible...

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF " href="/the-water-report-2018">The Water Report</a>

TL;DR: Yay, we didn't run out of water! (...by consuming about 4.4L each per day)

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF " href="/the-shittiest-gift">The Shittiest Gift</a>

For our own small contribution as a camp to BRC in 2018 we resolved to adopt some porta-potties. It's dirty work but we all knew the feeling of discovering a special porta.

<a class="index_postTitle__2OmYF " href="/dustmight-year-1">Dustmight Year 1</a>

Our inaugural year!