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Beauty & The Burn: A Ginger’s Perspective

Wondering how to look human while without access to amenities? I offer this post to help you navigate between what is necessary from the superfluous. Hot tipz ahead.

You’ve seen the images online of ornately-decorated supermodels at BM (Burning Man); those famously photographed hotties are not a common sight at BM (sorry guys), so ladies, please don’t feel the need to look like some ethereal creature while roughing it for 10 days in a remote desert with no running water. The people with the budget for glam photoshoots are the same people who live in baller trailers, complete with (*gasp of jealousy*) SHOWERS, chef-made-meals, curated costumes, etc. The majority of attendees however, look like the average Joe/Jill’s, accessorized by sedimentary layers of sweat, dust, sunscreen. If that sounds hardcore, it kind of is — but there are magical ways to overcome the elements in order to feel lovely and feminine.

What should/shouldn’t I put on my face?

IMO, skip the paint bus

Many (maybe even most?) gals at BM appear to be makeup-free, and it’s beautiful! My being a ginger with invisible eyelashes and eyebrows, I like to have those features um, visible, at least a little, so that people know where my face is.

Given that sweat is constantly seeping out + sunscreen re-slathered on, it’s not the ideal place for makeup…so I’ve researched and tested alternative options, to provide some easy amperage and keep you lookin’ fiiiiiiiiiiine.


For those with natural movie star eyelashes (*cough* Corrina *cough*), screw you  skip this section, but for mere mortals with short, straight, and/or light coloured eyelashes like me, here are my fave options for low-maintenance, luxe eyes at The Burn.

Option #1 Eyelash extensions:

Me, extra?


  • Feeling GLAM 24/7, with thick, curled, and dramatic lashes— but not too dramatic for Black Rock City 🙂 With no other makeup but these, you’ll look and feel great…BUT…(cue ominous music)


  • Eyelash extensions are in a grey area as to whether they’re BM kosher. The reason is that if they fall out, a trace will be left behind. 🙁 Sure, you could lose your natural eyelash while there, however, extensions + glue + your natural lash leave a bigger footprint. Contrary to rumours though, extensions don’t cause you to lose your eyelashes more quickly, so if you go to a place that uses long-lasting glue, then go with your conscience. If you go to a cheap place that uses crap glue, you lose your eyelashes quickly and litter all over the playa. Don’t be that guy.
  • Some warn against eyelash extensions as they can trap dust and become heavy, annoying to see through. During both burns I had these and didn’t find this to be the case, but I’m good about having my goggles nearby, as well as brushing the extensions at night (sounds weird, but it’s a thing you’re supposed to do).
  • Cost. They aren’t cheap, and range from $60-$200 for a set. I have an amaaaazing girl I found a girl through FB marketplace who charges $80 and does them from her house. Still pricey, but her quality is AMAZING, and last almost 2 months!! Not to mention she’s much cheaper than most salons. I tested it out four months before the event, so I could know they would last, and then got them again days before I trekked down to BRC (Black Rock City).


  • MAKE SURE you do your research and go to a well-reviewed place that uses high-quality glue! Good glue allows extensions to stay put longer, so be sure to ask how long the lashes will last AHEAD of your booking. Anything under 3 weeks would be more prone to falling out, so try for something with a reputation for lasting longer (a month is good).
  • I don’t know if this is true, but I was told by a lash technician that volume lashes last longer than classic lashes, so ask your technician if that is the case with them, and go with whatever will last longest; you want resilient lashes out there! I had volume the first year and loved them. I got classic lashes last year and I wasn’t happy with them, although they lasted the week, they looked pretty sparse on me, and didn’t give me a defined dark lash line, because my OG lashes are clear.
  • Make sure your lashes aren’t SO long that they will bump into your goggles. Your technician will have a variety of length options, so there’s no need to cut them yourself (PLEASE DON’T). Discuss with them that you need to be able to wear these with goggles, as they are ESSENTIAL to seeing while caught in the inevitable dust storms.
  • If you need to sleep in complete darkness like I do, find an eye mask that has structured room for eyelashes. These will protect your investment from getting smooshed/broken if you’re the type to flail an arm over your eyes to block sunlight.
  • Get your lashes done a few days before you leave, to give them the best chance of survival (and remember to book the appointment weeks ahead of time, as back to school season creates huge demand for beauty appointments).

Option #2: Lash lift/tint

Give them lashes some pompitude


  • I’ve had lash lifts and they’re great! They’re basically a perm for your eyelashes (sounds scary, right?). Your lashes will stay curled perfectly upwards, like some kind of Disney character, for 3 months. Swoon. If you’re the type to rely on an eyelash curler, you will want to pinch yourself!


  • The one drawback to only using this that if you have thin lashes, you’ll likely still want the volume that mascara offers. Mascara + lift in normal circumstances is AMAZE, but if you don’t want to mess with makeup, the lift alone may not be enough for you.


  • If you go the lash lift/tint route, bring mascara in the event that you desire a bolder look. Just in case!
  • If you need a lash tint as well (if you’re like Invisi-Eyes over here), so MAKE SURE TO ASK them to dye your bottom lashes too, prior to treatment! Often lash lift+tint includes service only for the upper lashes, which leaves you with no visible lower lashes. Request that they include the bottom lashes for the tint beforehand, and you’ll be set.

Option #3: Your Favorite Mascara

Channel your inner raccoon


  • Cheap, relatively easy


  • I don’t like spending ANY time applying/removing makeup when I could be out exploring, so this is not the route I’d take each day, not to mention, that during a sudden rain/rust storm you could get black eyes.


  • If you do decide to wear mascara, bring proper makeup remover wipes to use at night (no running water, ‘member?). If you have a great waterproof mascara, and an effective cleaner for it, then please let me know about it! I find I lose more eyelashes when trying to remove waterproof mascara, and so haven’t tried again in…over a decade? I’m open to suggestions!

In summary (eyes)

In the eye-fancying-up dept, despite the cost, I’m a HUGE fan of the effortlessness of having a QUALITY set of volume eyelash extensions. Waking up feeling instantly fab with zero effort (friends with naturally amazing lashes —you live the dream) and simply brushed my teeth, pulled on some clothes and I was ready for my day. BUT do your research and make sure you get an extension that will last — we don’t need more MOOP left in the desert. An option I may try next year is a lash lift + tint, plus bring a great waterproof mascara (I’ll need to start testing some, please share your favorites!).

If you’re wondering why I didn’t suggest those DIY-glue on lashes, well, they’re annoying AF to put on, but most importantly, the glue is only meant to last a day, meaning they’d be a likely MOOP candidate. So, no.


For the love of poutine, PROTECT your hair BEFORE getting to BRC. The alkaline dust will immediately mingle with your locks to create a dry, unbrushable mess, and possibly leave it permanently damaged. If you have medium-long hair, this is what I advise you do, the same day that you will be arriving on playa (and BEFORE you get there.). 

Hot Tipz:

  • Wash your hair the morning of leaving it sparkling clean, and apply a thick layer of leave-on conditioner. 
  • Braid your hair tightly, keeping in mind a style of braid that you won’t mind sleeping for days in. I do two side braids (Willie Nelson style) so that if I sleep on my back, my head isn’t resting on a lump of hair. Not braiding medium/long hair puts you at risk of out-of-control knots, damaged strands, etc. DO NOT WAIT TO BRAID IT, do it BEFORE you arrive on playa.
  • If you want to get funky, you can braid in wool, yarn, or hair extensions! Many do this, and it looks cool. I personally tried it and wasn’t a fan of the extra weight and warmth, but you might like it.  
  • Grow out your bangs. For me, having bangs was annoying at BM; next time, I’ll cut them afterward so that I’m able to successfully braid those whisps (and keep them from falling in my face).
  • During the event, book an appointment at a hair washing camp, and if you need braids, book an appt at a braiding camp too! Be sure to get your name on the list early in the day (and early-ish in the week), otherwise you may not get your chance. 
  • After BM, deep-cleanse and deep condition your hair. That first shower will be euphoric, I promise (you believe me).
  • If the thought of exposing your hair this way scares you, consider wearing a cute turban or a long hair scarf. I saw some of these worn, and they looked lovely!

In summary (hair):

Have a plan for your hair BEFORE you get to BRC! The dust is no joke; it does no favours to hair. 


Get your brows did before you come; a great brow shape can do wonders for a natural look. If you have clear eyebrows like I do, consider getting them lightly tinted as well, and ditch the eyebrow pencil at home. I’m cheap, and get mine threaded. You do you.


Take care of your largest organ

As you know, the alkaline dust is very drying, the wind abrasive, and sun, obviously UV-filled. Come prepared to take good care of your precious melanin during these 10 intense days. 


  • a lot of sunscreen. PLEASE reapply often throughout the day. Don’t be that guy who thinks it’s a good idea to burn first in order to tan — that’s a recipe for sunstroke (and worse…). Ensure you always have sunscreen with you in your daypack. Have a spray sunscreen for quick/easy application, and a good cream one for your face (or you do you).
  • a high quality chapstick with SPF
  • a spray bottle with witch hazel in it — not only is it refreshing, but it neutralizes the alkalinity of the dust and makes a great toner
  • baby wipes, for that epic ‘shower’ each night
  • hydrating lotion to wear on your face at night (NO SPF in this one). I haven’t found a specific brand that blows my mind, so I welcome your favourites
  • Flavouring for your water! If you’re like me, and drink less water than necessary, this is the time to add some pizzaz to your water so that want to guzzle that H20! This will help your skin to stay supple, and your entire body to keep running optimally. Electrolyte tablets are also a must, as you’ll need to replace what you’re losing in sweat. I alternate between using flavoured Stevia drops (sugar free) and
  • A corded, WIDE-brimmed hat, dorkier the better to protect your face and neck from the evils of UV
  • I have no expertise in spray tans, save for the one I got the day before a wedding in 2007 (who was the satsuma in the wedding party?). BUT, if a spray tan is something you value, make sure to get a quality one that will last you for at least the full ten days, and will stand up to wet-wipe-washes without leaving bare patches.

Hawt Tip:

  • Some feet are prone to getting a painful, drying, cracking effect called ‘playa foot’ through dust exposure. Don’t let this happen to you! Keep your feet hella-protected by wearing socks whenever possible. At night, give them a baby wipe cleaning and then moisturize before covering in a clean pair of socks before bed. I personally use Eucarin (basically, medicated vaseline) while there and my feet have never felt better


It’s not too good to be true…well kinda is

If you want to feel truly clean, showers are available at BM…but there’s a catch: they’re shared, and coed. If getting nekked with strangers is something that doesn’t phase you, then you’re in luck! Dedicated shower camps truck in/out all the water used, which isn’t possible for most other camps.

AFAIK they are all co-ed, which is why I haven’t gone, but my bro-law did and enjoyed it; he said any self-consciousness wore off quickly (note, he’s a model for MAXIM, I’m accepting SIL applications), and feeling totally clean was the greatest gift. Next year, if there is a non-coed setup, I’ll be there! Guess I’d better pack a towel…


TLDR: Cut ’em short and leave ’em au naturale!

Last year, after much research as to how to protect my nails during BM, I opted to try gel nails. IRL I occasionally treat myself to gel nails — they’re hardy and look so pretty, so last year I got them done a few days before leaving for BRC.

Unfortunately they weren’t tough enough to survive BM and became ragged within a few days. They also proved to be an annoyance, limiting me in doing things such as replace my bike chain, untie a tight knot, etc. It was frustrating, as BM requires attendees to be self-sufficient. That said, I went to a crappy place and the layers were especially thick, so it could be why.

If you are the type who can do anything in nails, and can keep them looking sharp even when doing manual labour, I tip my wide-brimmed hat to you! For those not enlightened in this area, embrace the fact that your nails will be dirty for 9 days, and that’s ok (you won’t be alone). Just remember to keep them SHORT (minimize dirt storage), and deeply moisturize your hands and nails at night, to save them from becoming dry/cracked.

I did however get a pedicure before the burn, and that was great. I don’t recommend exposing your feet to the dust, so if you wear socks and shoes, and clean/moisturize your feet each night, having them painted and the dead skin scrubbed off (even if it’s just for you to enjoy), is a nice touch.

Tip: I’ll be packing a pair of thin, breathable biking gloves to wear, to protect my hands from sun and dust (and to feel clean…the dust feels like chalk on your hands), while hopefully keeping moisture in.

Super Summary:

Slow claps

Make life easy for yourself by being prepared BEFORE you arrive at BRC. Ensure that you’ll be kept clean(ish), hydrated, moisturized, and feel attractive with minimal effort. Whatever treatment works for your budget, and personal taste, you for it! If you prefer the makeup free look in regular life, YOU’RE GOLDEN! If you don’t want to be fully-natural, you won’t regret investing in your future self beforehand. It will free up more time to explore the playa and allow you to look/feel a tad more like your regular, off-playa self.

That is what comes to mind for now… if you have questions, suggestions, or comments, PLEASE share!




  1. Would you share your lash person’s info?

    • Cyndi

      2020-03-06 at 11:26

      Sure thing Phoebe, they’re @skyilashlab on Instagram (booking is available directly from their IG account). She’s often booked up, so be sure to reach out ahead of time to make sure you can get an appointment. 🙂

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