FAQ on how and when to get tickets. [Updated February 18th, 2020]

What is the best way to get tickets?

Your primary chance is during the Main Sale at noon on April 8th, where a ticket is $475 USD. The lucky ones are given the chance to buy up to two tickets and a vehicle pass (max out, obvs!). Recruit your friends and family to follow all the steps and try on your behalf! Leaving it to luck is not enough. More chances to buy = more luck!

Important: In order to participate in the Main Sale, potential buyers must register for the sale in the 48-hour window commencing at noon on April 1st. For instructions on this process, see Main Sale Ticket Guide (although this guide is not guaranteed to be current to this year’s process, which continues to change).

If I’m not sure if I want to go, or not sure if I can go, should I bother trying for tickets?

YES! If you have a non-zero chance of coming this year, you should be participating in the sales! If you have a non-zero chance of coming in a future year, you should be participating in the sales! If you just want to be a good friend to me or the camp, if would be awesome if you participated in the sales!

Tickets are transferable and always in demand. If you end up with tickets you won’t use, I personally guarantee to reimburse all costs immediately and get them to someone who needs them. If you get tickets which you can’t use, and contribute them into our own pool (again, I’ll buy them from you without question), you will be regarded with top priority if you want to come in a future year and and up ticketless.

What are the other ways to get tickets?

The main sale is the best way, however there are six other official ways that I know of:

  1. The straight-up-ballers sale (officially, the “FO’MO Sale”) with tickets at $1,400 USD on March 18th. These tickets provide no extra privileges and aren’t special in any way; sales subsidize the low-income ticket program.
  2. The Low-Income Ticket Program with tickets at $210 USD for successful applicants between February 12th and sometime before April 15th (it closes as soon as a certain quantity of applications are in!). Income is considered in USD, so Canadians are reminded that we have a better chance of being accepted!
  3. The OMG Sale on July 29th, with a final, scarce round of 1000 tickets available at $550 USD.
  4. The Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) is the official, scam-free resale program. It is always worth registering if you didn’t get tickets in the main sale. Although chances are slim, I do know people who’ve obtained tickets through STEP!
  5. The Directed Group Sale is by-invite for established theme camps only. Not an option for us presently, but perhaps one day!

Can’t I just go on Craigslist or Stubhub, if I don’t mind paying a little extra?

NO. Firstly, posted tickets are almost invariably scams. Secondly, even if tickets were legit, you may not buy or sell tickets for above face value. I won’t do it, and we won’t accept anyone in the camp doing it. As per the policy: “Tickets…may be revoked by BRC for any reason, including without limitation resale for above their face value.” Profiteering hurts the event and we won’t have any part of it.

If I have an extra ticket, how much can I make from selling it?

Nothing — see immediately above! If you do end up with any extra ticket(s), we will get you promptly reimbursed and put it in the very grateful hands of someone who can attend. Your good karma will be noted for future years!

So if I’m not lucky and don’t get tickets in the main sale, what are my options?

Getting tickets is still possible. If you are committed to coming, we will put the word out and hope, plus you will try the OMG Sale, Secure Ticket Exchange Program, and there are still a couple days to apply for the Low Income Ticket Program, if it hasn’t closed already. Something to know is that it is not uncommon for tickets to really start changing hands less than two weeks before event as people relinquish hopes of using those tickets themselves. In 2017 we had one extra to give, and in 2018, we accepted two given. If you can keep hope as long as possible, it can still happen. Remember that the best way to show you are serious is to participate in the main sale! Showing up later needing tickets when you didn’t try yourself doesn’t look good on you; Burning man isn’t something you do because it’s convenient, it’s something you commit to.